Wednesday 17 October 2012

In our previous post-SEO- Does it really matter? We have covered the importance of SEO to boost your reachability to your customers and as a result increase your profits. In this post we will focus mainly on the important ranking factors in one aspect of On Page Optimization i.e. Keywords.

• Page URL and Page title
These are two of the most essential places to have a keyword since what is in the "title" tag is displayed in search results as your page title. The title must be short but optimal and should include your keywords essentially near the beginning. Titles of all pages must be unique.
Keywords in URLs are also important. But it is necessary that these keywords have to be in other parts of the web page, or you can degrade your rank. Also make your URL readable by including hyphens between words. One important point to note is restrain from using dynamic URL’s for your page and Session id’s in your URL as well. They tend to make the URL longer and hence very SEO unfriendly.

• h1, h2 tags for keywords
Give emphasis to your keywords by including them in heading tags, and giving them styles to stress on them- for e.g. Bold and italics.

h1 tags
• Content
“Content is King”. The content on your page has to be unique. Copy pasting doesn’t work with crawlers-They recognize it. Copying copyrighted items can eliminate you from the Search Engines itself. Creating pages that mislead the crawlers is another reason why you can be demoted by crawlers. The Content of your page has to be frequently changing. Crawlers like fresh content.
Your content has to include the keywords you target. The density of keywords should be balanced. It should be high enough to be a keyword but not stuffed so much that it looks suspicious to the crawlers. It is better if keywords are present in the beginning of the pages since crawlers tend not to read the entire text.

• Keyword phrases
The keyword phrases that you choose have to be around 2-3 words but optimized per page. They should be popular enough so that people are searching for it as well as it shouldn’t have lots of sites competing for that phrase.

The above are the most important factors to keep in mind when using your keywords in SEO. There are several other factors to consider when you are doing On Page SEO. We have listed some of these in our post- On Page SEO - Factors that can improve your Ranks. Besides On Page you also need to consider Off Page factors which we have listed in our post- Off Page SEO - Essential aspect of Increasing your Ranks.

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